Dark Mode for WordPress Theme

Going dark has become the new trend lately. Let your site shine with the captivating dark scheme. Through the eye-pleasing blueprint, you can enjoy the reading experience you’ve always been yearning for but have never been able to find.

Operating System-Based Dark Mode

DarkLooks WP dark mode plugin is supported by all major operating systems. This dark mode plugin looks up your preferences for your operating system based on your interest in using dark mode.

Floating Switch

The dark mode floating switch button can be displayed anywhere on the site. Floating switch buttons can be added to the footer of your website.

Custom Colors

You can customize colors in DarkLooks’ dark mode. To create an eye-catching and appealing website, you can customize the color of your background, text, hover color, border color, etc. as you desire. It is important to combine the proper colors to create the right color balance when using dark mode.

Images Based Dark Modes

When using dark mode, there is no need to worry about the image view. Dark modes allow you to change the image view. Dark mode and light mode require the same link, which should be inserted in the admin panel. You will be able to automatically view both dark and light versions of images with this eminent feature.


or_light Lite
Or_black Dark

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Core Features of DarkLooks

DarkLooks Features

DarkLooks is one of the best Dark Mode plugins out there. The plugin offers a wide range of features that anyone can count on, which will make your WordPress site more enjoyable for both you and your visitors.

WooCommerce Integrated

For your WooCommerce website, the WP dark mode plugin is essential for enriching the readability of texts, images, and videos. The plugin provides a balanced and pleasing dark color scheme for a WooCommerce website.

Custom CSS

With this custom CSS feature, you can create a dark mode on your website by editing your own. Custom CSS allows you to edit buttons, specific sections of your site, or the background color of your website. For your desired change to appear on the website, you can simply insert the CSS code into the custom CSS portion.

Page Builders Compatibility

Most of WordPress builds with page builders like elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Gutenberg, etc. Darklooks works with any page builder very well.

Dark Color Scheme Available for Use

A suitable color scheme can embellish your website. We offer a number of preset color combinations from which you can choose your favorite. In the dark mode, your site will certainly look more impressive and eye-catching to the users.

Free Version Features Compare

DarkLooks Other
Floating Switch Button Yes Yes
Floating Switch Position Change Option Yes No
5 switch styles Yes No
All kinds of OS supported Yes Yes
2 types of dark mode Method Yes No
9 preset color Yes No
Custom set color option Yes No
Dark mode logo set option Yes No
Dark mode image set option Yes No
Dark mode image brightness set option Yes No
Dark mode body font size set option Yes No
Exclude Elements Yes No
Include Elements Yes No
Dark mode time schedule set option Yes No
Remember last time mode Yes No
Custom CSS add option Yes No

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